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Social Media Content Production

Opel: Social Media Content Production

The task.

The Opel markets in Europe used to work mainly with stock, CGI and PR material as well as glossy images from the product catalogues. Not only was this reservoir slowly exhausted, but authentically generated content performs better with the users, which Facebook itself recommends. We were given the task to produce new content for the European markets with our creative content production, while strictly following the algorithms for Facebook and Instagram.

Opel: Social Media Content Production

  • Real-time content production and social media support for the IAA 2018
  • Development of the idea and comprehensive implementation and follow-up of the Opel Social Media Night
  • Social media content production to accompany the TVC production of the new X-Family campaign 2018 with Jürgen Klopp and Bettina Zimmermann
  • Complete content production for the X-Family campaign 2018 with individual models at different locations
  • Further content productions for various Opel models as well as Opel equipment features, accessories and merchandise
  • Development of the Facebook Advent calendar 2018

Unser Opel Social Media Showreel:

Opel: Social Media Content Production

The result.

  • High quality image assets
  • Animated assets as GIF, Boomerang, Live Photo for more attention
  • Instagram Stories with sophisticated storytelling
  • Event documentation (Hessentag 2017, Opel Product Day, IAA 2017)
  • Extensive penetration and wide-ranging use of the content in all Opel European markets to date!

Opel: Social Media Content Production

The implementation.

Our approach is as smart as it is efficient: each car model should not only be presented in its entirety, but also in the most creative and meaningful way possible. Model details and important, unique features are incorporated into the content mix using informative, playful, interactive animated GIFs, boomerangs and live photos. A content mix is essential and our experience shows that only by combining images, animated assets and image videos or so-called “carporns” can you generate the largest possible reach and achieve the highest possible commitment and brand awareness.

Opel: Social Media Content Production

A detailed content plan agreed upon with the customer before each shooting is our concept and matter of course for a well-organized execution of a social media content production. The customer knows exactly what final content to expect – and we still can spontaneously produce additional assets if the opportunity arises. Furthermore, our post-production is constantly geared to the latest trends and requirements of social media portals and algorithms, such as the adjustment of format, video length and file size to the respective content format and platform.

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