Service Consultant Program

Kia Service Heroes

The task

Optimization of service quality. Increase of trustworthiness. Improvement of the customer relationship. The demands are high – especially when it comes to customer enthusiasm. Together with Kia Motors Germany, we have developed a program that focuses on the very people who have a decisive influence on customer satisfaction in the dealership: the Kia service consultants – the Kia service heroes!

Der Trailer zum Kia Service Helden Programm:

Kia Service Heroes

From routine to voluntary!

In customer service, interpersonal skills like communication, empathy and diplomacy, but also virtues such as reliability, punctuality and transparency are at the forefront.

“We have plenty of initiatives and educational materials. With our service consultant program we would like to give ‘old friends’ a new home and set a new focus for the everyday routines service consultants. If Kia service consultants internalize our standards and continuously improve their qualifications, this voluntary action is a small but important step towards customer enthusiasm. And that is the goal of all of us”, underlines Martin van Vugt, Managing Director Kia Motors Germany.

Kia Service Heroes

Kia Service heroes. It’s in you!

“Service consultants are the face of the dealership from the moment you buy a car. They take care of the customers’ needs from A to Z. They solve problems. They surprise and inspire. They are everyday heroes – and with Kia service heroes we have now created the right framework for informing, motivating and appreciating”, Martin van Vugt explains the conceptual background.

Kia Service Heroes

The result

  • 550 participating dealers
  • Over 1,000 active users
  • Over €100,000 premiums distributed
  • Increased motivation for the service consultants
  • Significant improvement in customer satisfaction index

Kia Service Heroes

The implementation

As part of the Kia WOW! Program, the Kia service heroes were introduced at the Dealer Convention in January. The official start of the program was in summer 2014. “Eligible to participate in the program are all service consultants who have been qualified through our questionnaire. Qualification and participation in the service consultant programme is possible at any time,” said Gerd Borg, General Manager Customer Experience, who is responsible for the program at Kia Motors Germany.

“It’s important to contact the Kia service consultants in an up-to-date, relevant and regular manner. We have enough interesting content to offer and we have enough incentives for the service agents to encourage them to participate again and again”, adds Thomas Hofmann, Managing Partner at SNOOK.

Kia Service Heroes

The implementation

Example topics:

  • Direct acceptance in the salesroom
  • Product presentation and price labelling
  • Transparency
  • Service campaigns
  • Warranty processing

Kia service consultants earn points by performing well in these activities, such as training quizzes. “To increase the incentive, the rankings of the service consultants and the companies will always be transparent and can be viewed at any time”, explains Gerd Borg.

Once enough points have been collected, they can be redeemed individually for rewards.

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