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End customer campaign for the Fürth & Leipzig locations

FrischeParadies: End customer campaign

The task

Development and implementation of a tactical end customer campaign with 2 goals:

  • Quick Wins – for short-term noticeable traffic/turnover
  • Brand Awareness – for brand establishment and to encourage purchasing impulses

Communication goals:

  • Clear positioning of Frische Paradies as THE supplier of high-quality products for the entire product range in the region
  • Clear communication that Frische Paradies is accessible to end customers WITHOUT a trade licence

FrischeParadies: End customer campaign

The implementation

In order to make it immediately clear that at FrischeParadies you can shop as a private customer without a trade licence, we decided on a testimonial approach. Real customers present with their respective favourite products in 4 different key visuals.

Tone: My recipe for a great evening: FrischeParadies!

End customer campaign

Phase 1: Teaser phase with test buying event

In this phase, we searched for test buyers through various channels (Facebook, landing page, radio, print and promotions), and provided users with 100€ for a special test purchase day. Users could apply for this on a landing page and together with the customer we selected 20 test buyers per location. The test purchase event was filmed and assets were posted on social media channels. At the end of the test purchase event, 4 testimonials per location were selected and invited to a professional shooting.

FrischeParadies: End customer campaign

Phase 2: Shooting and creation of key visuals

Each of the 4 testimonials were staged with their favourite products in the market. Subsequently, we created 4 key visuals including product information with price communication. This phase was also captured in photos and video material and the community was kept up to date on the progress of the campaign.

FrischeParadies: End customer campaign

Phase 3: Going live

  • Presence at the POS
  • Print ads in local media
  • Out of Home areas and City Lights
  • Social media: Video and image posts
  • SEO/SEA campaign for both locations
  • Integration in newspaper inserts

FrischeParadies: End customer campaign

The result.

  • Over 300 applications for test purchase event
  • Facebook Engagement quintupled
  • Page Performance Index more than doubled
  • Significant increase in traffic during the campaign period at both locations

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