SNOOK Academy

Basic Workshop

Social Media Marketing

Dip your toe into the pool and get an overview of the basics of social media marketing with us. We start at the beginning, with the life jackets still on, and paddle our way from building up your own social media channel to post types and content management, all the way to creating your first own post. Congratulations, after that you’re ready to start swimming.

Duration: 1 day | 10 AM to 5 PM

599 Euro

plus value added tax

Prerequisite: No special requirements necessary.

Package deal:

1,000 Euro

plus value added tax

Das Paket beinhaltet folgende Workshops:
“Basic Workshop – Social Media Marketing” and “Advanced Workshop – Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Instagram“.

Workshop Content

  • Goal definition and strategy: What are the options, which KPIs can be used, and which goal is right for you?
  • Benchmark analysis: What do competitors actually do and what are their strengths/weaknesses?
  • Social media channels: What are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and how can I use their different features in a targeted manner?
  • Company profiles: A basic “How-to for Business” and an explanation of what a serious company profile can’t do without!
  • Content Management: How to create a strategic and sensible content plan.

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Workshop Content

  • Community Management: The basics in dealing with your fans.
  • Basics for creating a post: What types of post are there and which formats will provide the best performance for your company?
  • Get out your smartphone: Producing your own content in a few simple steps.
  • Let’s do it! Using a practical example, you can put what you learned to the test.

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