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We are:
Fins raised high!

We are SNOOK. We are an independent, owner-managed marketing and communications agency. We love cars. We love retail. And we love what we do. And so do your customers. We’re in contact with them every day. Personally. Directly. In private. ON social media. At POS. And everywhere in between. We show them the way – offline and online. To you.

“Be water”, my friend.”

We believe in the power of strong stories and we like telling them – best of all, we like telling them about and for our customers. But sometimes also about us. “Why are you called SNOOK?” Our name piques curiosity. That’s good. Our eponym is a fish. Why? Because it can do something. He’s a kingfish. He’s clever and nuanced. He’s flexible and sensitive. He’s fast and determined. And he’s at home in the water. And water can do much more: water is almost limitless and water always finds a way! And that is exactly what we strive for – in everything we do.

We’re buzzing.

Anyone can create fancy car launches. So can we. But our passion for automotive communication has a different origin. Few people dare to venture there: to the workshop, to service and direct reception, to the wheel and tire depot, to the depths of the parts warehouse and accessory marketing – to the world of service, after-sales and aftermarket processes and strategies. You hate it or you love it. There’s not much in between. In-between is half-hearted. And half-hearted is not for us. For us, it’s love. And what you love, you take care of: holistically, with care and devotion. So you’re planning a fancy car launch? Our pleasure – but afterwards, we’ll also take care of the rest together. The core service process and the vehicle life cycle which really brings in the profit.


BILSTEIN Essen Motor Show 2019

The Evolution of Performance.

BILSTEIN Essen Motor Show 2019

Let’s talk about (r)evolution!

The brand essence sums it up: BILSTEIN stands for nothing less than the perfect driving experience for every requirement! Demands on shock absorbers and suspension systems can be very different – especially when it comes to tuning and performance. This is why the development machine at BILSTEIN doesn’t stand still for a minute – whether in actual product development or in marketing and communication.

BILSTEIN Essen Motor Show 2019

Performance at the touch of a button:
Start your Preview Engine!


Our customers.
In their own words.

“Understanding social media is easy, using social media properly is not – but SNOOK can do it! The team has proven that lead generation and car sales via Facebook actually work very well. SNOOK can not only produce good content and read numbers correctly, but is also happy to pass the knowledge on. Together with SNOOK we have created a web-based training for our knowledge platform AUTOHAUS next on the topic “Facebook for the automobile trade”. Social media competence is taught in this course in a target group-oriented manner and is anything but boring”.

Nina Lipp
Content Manager



Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

The task

“Leads from Facebook & Instagram aren’t high-quality.”

  1. Why is that?
  2. How can we change that?

In order to get to the bottom of this, worked together as a three-part team to make a joint pilot project out of it: the “Facebook Sales Pilot”. We, SNOOK digital Frankfurt GmbH (advertising agency), the RKG Rheinische Kraftwagengesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (car dealership) and as our third party, none other than Facebook itself.

RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

The objective

“How can we change the quality of the leads?”

We responded this question by focusing on specific targeting and a practical approach to all communication measures, with the goal:

  1. Generation of high-quality leads
  2. Sale of selected models


  1. Cost per lead (CPL) under 50€
  2. Conversion rate (CR) over 1%.
  3. Cost per sale (CPS) under 500€

Us for

Social Media Content Production

Opel: Social Media Content Production

The task.

The Opel markets in Europe used to work mainly with stock, CGI and PR material as well as glossy images from the product catalogues. Not only was this reservoir slowly exhausted, but authentically generated content performs better with the users, which Facebook itself recommends. We were given the task to produce new content for the European markets with our creative content production, while strictly following the algorithms for Facebook and Instagram.

Opel: Social Media Content Production

  • Real-time content production and social media support for the IAA 2018
  • Development of the idea and comprehensive implementation and follow-up of the Opel Social Media Night
  • Social media content production to accompany the TVC production of the new X-Family campaign 2018 with Jürgen Klopp and Bettina Zimmermann
  • Complete content production for the X-Family campaign 2018 with individual models at different locations
  • Further content productions for various Opel models as well as Opel equipment features, accessories and merchandise
  • Development of the Facebook Advent calendar 2018

Set the right course.

Course is set

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