Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

The task

“Leads from Facebook & Instagram aren’t high-quality.”

  1. Why is that?
  2. How can we change that?

In order to get to the bottom of this, worked together as a three-part team to make a joint pilot project out of it: the “Facebook Sales Pilot”. We, SNOOK digital Frankfurt GmbH (advertising agency), the RKG Rheinische Kraftwagengesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (car dealership) and as our third party, none other than Facebook itself.

RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

The objective

“How can we change the quality of the leads?”

We responded this question by focusing on specific targeting and a practical approach to all communication measures, with the goal:

  1. Generation of high-quality leads
  2. Sale of selected models


  1. Cost per lead (CPL) under 50€
  2. Conversion rate (CR) over 1%.
  3. Cost per sale (CPS) under 500€

RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

Campaign structure

During the content production, we focused on simplicity, to make the campaign as adaptable as possible.

  • Stock image material
  • Simple price communication
  • Integrated fuel consumption information

RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

Important components of our assets:

  • Short, aggressive headline
  • Leasing example
  • Legal texts
  • CTA
  • Brief description CTA

RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

Lead Management

“Social leads require more intensive follow-up!”

  1. First contact in under 12h
  2. Contact by telephone onl
  3. Specific email to the customer directly after the lead is processed
  4. Salesperson training for better preparation

Other requirements:

  1. Permanent community management as a supporting measure for lead generation
  2. Continuous analysis and feedback for campaign optimization

RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

The result

We were able to 100% meet all of our target values!


378 Leads

4,76% Conversion Rate

18 Sales

36,50€ cost per lead

RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot

In addition to the sales success, the campaign has also made a positive contribution to the brand!

About 300 new followers

232.580 persons reached

1 million


RKG: Facebook Automobil Sales Pilot


Low-price models:

  • A core targeting is sufficient to achieve a high reach and to cover a wide breadth of users.
  • Best conversion via lead ads, since users aren’t ready for a lot of details.
  • Good conversion via attractive video/GIF with clear information about the offer.

High-price models:

  • Retargeting using pixel data to go deeper into the sales funnel..
  • Link-Ads drive traffic to additional simple website with further information.
  • Good conversion via simple carousel design with attractive price communication

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