We are:
Fins raised high!

We are SNOOK. We are an independent, owner-managed marketing and communications agency. We love cars. We love retail. And we love what we do. And so do your customers. We’re in contact with them every day. Personally. Directly. In private. ON social media. At POS. And everywhere in between. We show them the way – offline and online. To you.

“Be water”, my friend.”

We believe in the power of strong stories and we like telling them – best of all, we like telling them about and for our customers. But sometimes also about us. “Why are you called SNOOK?” Our name piques curiosity. That’s good. Our eponym is a fish. Why? Because it can do something. He’s a kingfish. He’s clever and nuanced. He’s flexible and sensitive. He’s fast and determined. And he’s at home in the water. And water can do much more: water is almost limitless and water always finds a way! And that is exactly what we strive for – in everything we do.

We’re buzzing.

Anyone can create fancy car launches. So can we. But our passion for automotive communication has a different origin. Few people dare to venture there: to the workshop, to service and direct reception, to the wheel and tire depot, to the depths of the parts warehouse and accessory marketing – to the world of service, after-sales and aftermarket processes and strategies. You hate it or you love it. There’s not much in between. In-between is half-hearted. And half-hearted is not for us. For us, it’s love. And what you love, you take care of: holistically, with care and devotion. So you’re planning a fancy car launch? Our pleasure – but afterwards, we’ll also take care of the rest together. The core service process and the vehicle life cycle which really brings in the profit.

500,000 KM!

The lifelong migration of a grey whale is over 500,000 kilometres. In a way, that’s also a form of retail.

“Successful retail is not a sprint, but a marathon.” This quote from former puma CEO Jochen Zeitz sums it up. Sustainable success requires long-term planning.

That’s why we always look at retail as a whole – even if, for example, we only handle the marketing. Whether our job is shop design, visual merchandising, sales promotion or customer loyalty – we ensure sustainable traffic and success across all channels. Of course, along the way, we’re not always in the role of the grey whale. We’re open to quick-win actions: just get in touch!

All aboard.

Our heart beats for measurable success – from initial contact to the sales contract. No wonder we’re enthusiastic about social media marketing and holistic digital concepts. Key performance indicators are updated daily and speak volumes about performance and potential, thus giving direct impulses for content strategies and the process behind it all.

Of course, you want to be able to take the helm and handle it yourself – if necessary. With our in-house Creative Content Production we can do just that. Not only in crisis mode, of course, but also as a well-planned nod to the future – we create texts, graphics, and of course, film.

Roll camera!

In addition to creating daily content for our social media clients, we produce image films, commercials, documentaries, interviews, corporate films or even expressive trailers for communication programs and events. We take it from the initial idea to the finished product in the right format. You want to make a difference? Let’s go!

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