SNOOK Academy

Advanced Workshop

Social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram

It’s time to venture into deeper waters. We’ll repeat the basics and finally dive into the business manager. So far, so good! Take off your life jacket and together we will create your first campaign – and of course, we’ll evaluate it’s performance. In addition, we will prepare you for the right way to deal with users. Great! You’re a pro swimmer!

Duration: 1 day | 10 AM to 5 PM

599 Euro

plus value added tax

Prerequisite: The participant has already gained initial experience with the platforms Facebook and Instagram and understands their range of features.

Workshop Content

  • Repetition of the basic strokes: Intro to social media marketing is briefly repeated and consolidated.
  • Without it, everything is nothing: Learning to work with the Business Manager.
  • Let’s create: How to create ads in the Creative Hub.
  • Safer Social Media: What legal requirements must be included in a post.
  • Next Level: How the Ad Manager works
    • Basic ad structure
    • Advertising Objectives
    • Targeting options
    • Placement possibilities
    • Special post formats

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Workshop Content

  • Survival of the optimized: Analyze campaigns within the Business Manager.
  • Get a first overview in retargeting measures (custom audiences, pixels, etc.).
  • What is this #? How and to what extent you should use hashtags.
  • A guarantee for growth on Facebook and Instagram? Yes, it exists!
  • Caution Shitstorm: The right way to deal and de-escalate with fans and how a fixed netiquette can make life easier.
  • It’s Posting-Time: Greater success through strategic content management.
  • Let’s do it! You create your first advertising campaign in small teams.

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